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You can enjoy the gourmet experience that makes you forget your daily life in the space where is filled with roses around your feet and on the walls, decorated with tons of roses. You can also see bathtub filled with roses and「kagune」made from roses.




Hideo Yamamoto, who is a modern French chef at a popular restaurant「Restaurant Air」, supervised the full course. Have fun with a creative menu, which uses luxury ingredients such as foie gras, challandais duck, and you can experience beauty, taste and new sensation.



From the guide to the secret location to the end of your dishes, you can enjoy the immersive actions supervised by Issei Shibata and Out Of Theatre, an immersive live entertainment. (Masks are made by Moon Dus, who is a mask maker)




We prepare a wine list selected by the exclusive sommelier of the Restaurant Air according to the meal. In addition to ordinary glasses, you can also enjoy unusual gourmet experiences such as drinking a glass of wine Port Sipper that makes you imagine blood.



Unlike regular restaurants, we have a early bird ticket system. Cancellation after ticket purchase is impossible. Please be aware in advance.



The exact information on the restaurant location, more than "somewhere in Ginza" is secret. We will send you information about the meeting point only to the ticket purchaser.



Please come to the designated meeting point on the day in time. A guide wearing a mask will guide you to the location.



After entering to the restaurant, you can enjoy the space of the rose, the bloody gourmet, and the immersive stage by actors. you can also enjoy the course dishes well.


Restaurant name Ghoul Restaurant
Business day 2019.7.5(FRI) - 8.18(SUN)
Place Ginza (secret location)
*Announce the Meeting Point only to the Ticket Purchaser.
Business hours ① Meeting time 17:00 / 17:30〜19:30
Meeting time 20:00 / 20:30〜22:30
Menu Dinner course with blood and roses ¥10,000+Tax
*A beverage is not included in the price.
Ticket Site

・ Scalping tickets is strictly prohibited. Regardless of the purpose, if we find a scalper, the ticket is invalidated and we can not refund and you can not enter. In addition, you will be asked to enter the name of the representative at the time of ticket purchase, but there may be cases where you will be able to confirm your identification card (driver's license, passport, insurance card, student card etc.) whose name can be confirmed at the reception. We do not take any responsibility for problems that occur with tickets purchased from other than Peatix operated by the secretariat. 
・ Cancellation after ticket purchase is impossible. Please be aware in advance.
・ Children who are younger than primary school children can not enter. Please note.
・ Please refrain from bringing in any food and drink.
・ Course includes wheat, eggs and dairy products. If you have allergies, you can get the menu off the course if you inform us when you buy a ticket, but please be aware that we can not offer alternative ones.
・Depending on the crowd, you may be asked to share a table with other customers. In addition, while the guests of one group will be shown to the same table as much as possible, you may be seated in separate tables. If you purchased a ticket separately and would like to have a seat with someone you want to share a table, please fill out the remarks section on the ticket purchase form.
・ Events and production contents may be changed without notice. Please be aware in advance.
・ Photographs and videos taken within the event may be used in future promotions. We appreciate your understanding. 
Organizer Shochiku Co., Ltd.
Creative&Planning afromance (Afro&Co.)



Q. Please tell me about your cancellation policy.

A. Cancellation after ticket purchase is impossible. Please be aware in advance. If you do not come by rush, please use Paetix's ticket transfer function.


Q. How can I buy a ticket?

A. June 14 (Fri) You can purchase at Peatix after 12:00. If you create an account in advance, your purchase will be smooth.


Q. Can I participate on the day?

A. You cannot participate on the day. You must purchase a ticket by 21:00 the day before your visit.


Q. If I participate as a group, will I have the same seat with our members?

A. Group guests will be at the same seat as much as possible, but due to the crowded conditions, you may have a seat separately. Please note. Also, if you purchased a ticket separately and would like to have a seat with someone, please fill out the remarks column on the ticket purchase form.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, You can use a credit card for ticket payment and drink payment on the day. (VISA, MASTER only)


Q. Do you have a dress code?

A. There is no strict dress code, but we recommend you to wear a clothes that is too casual . (Please refrain from wearing sandals, shorts and tank tops)


Q. How far can you cope with allergies?

A. Course dishes include wheat, eggs and dairy products. If you have allergies, you can get the menu off the course if you tell us when you buy a ticket, but please be aware that we cannot offer alternative ones.


Q. Something came up unexpectedly. Is it possible to transfer my ticket to my friend ?

A. Yes. Please refer to Peatix “How to transfer your ticket" Page.

Q. What should I do if I am late for the meeting time?

A. If you are a ticket buyer, you will receive the store's phone number along with the meeting place. If you call us, we will pick you up. Please be aware that you may wait in a minute for the convenience of serving food and directing.

Q. Are there any age limits?

A. Children under elementary school cannot enter. Please note.


Q. Is it possible to visit the restaurant alone?

A. Of course, there is no problem with visiting alone.


Q. Can I shoot photos and videos?

A. Yes, you can, as long as it is not against common sense.

Q. Is there a cloak?

A. Yes. Please call the staff if you wish.


Q. Do you have a parking lot?

A. No. There is no parking lot available.


Q. Can I smoke?

A. The restaurant is non-smoking.


Q. Is it possible to visit or participate in a wheelchair?

A. Yes. You can visit and participate in wheelchairs.

Q. Can I visit with pets?

A. Pets are not allowed. About guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs, if you can inform us to come with them in advance, there is no problem.


Q. Do you have a private room?

A. There is no private room available. Please note.


Q. Can you cope with anniversary or birthday?

A. I'm sorry. We do not have service for anniversaries or birthdays.


Q. Is it possible to visit in cosplay?

A. There is no problem as long as the contents are in line with the dress code for the restaurant and do not disturb the people around you (such as wearing a mask or fashion in the play). Large quinque and kagune may be reserved for space reasons.

Q. Is there a place to change clothes?

A. There is no changing room in the restaurant. Please change your clothes at your home or hotel if you want to visit in cosplay. Do not change clothes at public facilities such as nearby facilities and stations.

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